It is…our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home … for all life on Earth.”

Sir David Attenborough

"I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and try to invent it.”

Thomas Edison

“The practice of science happens at the border between the known and the unknown. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we peer into the darkness with eyes opened not in fear but in wonder.”

Brian Cox

“We need scientists to design new fuels…We need engineers to invent new technologies… and transition to sustainable sources of energy…we need you.”

Barack Obama

“Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do anything.”

Tim Peake

"You don't need a big brain the size of a planet, or mad hair. You need a passion to understand things"

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock


Climate change
A clean, abundant energy supply
Limited natural resources
Air pollution
Swift adoption of clean technologies
Quantity of sustainable, high quality jobs


Join us in our quest to solve these problems as we electrify the transport system and develop stationary storage solutions for the benefit of the UK.



Our mission is to make significant scientific breakthroughs in battery research in the global race to electrification.

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STEM Outreach

We inspire young people to consider STEM careers through a range of outreach programmes. Read more...


We provide summer internships for 50 undergraduates each year and are developing an attraction programme. Our undergraduate bursary scheme is designed to support academically-strong students from historically under-represented groups in STEM to pursue a career in this field. Read more...

PhD Researchers

We offer an exciting enrichment programme for our PhD researchers that will enhance knowledge, skills, aspirations and real-world experience to equip them with the tools to make a difference in tackling the challenges we face. Read more...

Early Career Researchers

Training needs don’t end once a PhD has been awarded. We facilitate opportunities for continuing professional development, networking and mentoring, particularly for early career scientists working in our research programmes. Read more...


STEM skills are crucial for UK productivity...


% women as a percentage of the core STEM workforce. 1


% of A-level physics students are girls compared to 61.8% of biology students. 2


% of people identifying themselves as LBGTUA+ opt against having a career in STEM due to worries they would be discriminated against. 3


% of graduates in STEM subjects known to be working in a STEM occupation six months later. 4


% higher mean starting salary for engineering and technology graduates in the UK than graduates overall. 5


Black and minority ethnic men are 28% less likely to work in STEM than white men. 6


% of chemistry professors are women. 7


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