Founders or entrepreneurs in the battery field are at the forefront of innovation, driving new ideas from conception to market. This role involves not just technical expertise in battery technology but also a strong acumen for business development, strategy, and leadership. Founders of startup are instrumental in introducing breakthrough technologies and solutions in energy storage and management.

The role is characterised by the rapid pace of development, need for quick delivery and shifting landscape. Working in a start-up allows founders to rapidly establish new culture and values. Teams are usually lean and thus empowered to make decisions and take on responsibilities, with exposure to multiple roles in the value chain.

Key responsibilities

Skills and qualifications

Career path

Typically begins with a strong foundation in battery technology, business, or both. This could involve working in the industry or research, gaining experience before venturing into entrepreneurship.

Involving significant risk-taking and learning, the journey may include pivots and iterations based on market feedback and technological advancements.

Work environment

Often dynamic and fast-paced, with work taking place in various settings, from research labs and workshops to business meetings and networking events. May involve long hours and a high level of commitment and passion for the startup’s mission.

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