Each Faraday Institution researcher has a training budget and a project training champion who can flag training courses and opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills. The Early Career Researcher Committee advocates for the training needs of its peers and supports career progression through a range of initiatives such as delivery of an early career researcher conference and training event for 280 delegates in 2022.

Researchers and their supervisors are encouraged to work together to create and act upon a career development plan. Plans are based on the Vitae Researcher Development Concordat framework for developing talented researchers who:

  1. have a wealth of subject specific knowledge and skills
  2. can maximise personal effectiveness
  3. are equipped to realise ambitions to lead in research, business and entrepreneurship
  4. possess the tools to have impact and influence


Watch our webinar ‘Training Budget Triumphs!’ for more information and for ideas of how to use your Faraday Institution Training Budget, if eligible. Details on the Career Development Template.

Are you an early career researcher working on battery technology and energy storage research?

Ways you can connect and be supported in your professional career development include: