Did you know that the energy sector needs to fill 400,000 jobs if it is to meet the challenging target of delivering net zero emissions by 2050 (National Grid 20201), the same number of people it took to put man on the moon?

There are over 400,000 undergraduate students in the UK studying STEM subjects (HESA 20222) who possess skills that can be applied to the UK battery sector and help in the quest to create a more sustainable future.

Talent development is a key area of focus for the Faraday Institution and the mission to attract, inspire and equip the next generation is a priority. Over the past five years the Faraday Institution has built a high-quality summer internship programme that gives undergraduates first-hand experience of working in the battery sector, with over 250 participants to date. In addition, the Faraday Student Committee aims to reach many more students via e.g., events, to showcase an array of battery careers.

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