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An electrochemical simulation of active material utilisation within a realistic, X-ray CT-based, NMC622 electrode microstructure

£19 Million Committed to Battery Research

The Faraday Institution announces a £19 million investment in four key battery research projects aimed at delivering beneficial impact for the UK.

Solar panels in sub-Saharan Africa

Faraday Institution to lead UK Government’s Ayrton Challenge on Energy Storage

Appointed to lead ACES under the UK Government’s £1 billion Ayrton Fund. UK international development funding for new energy storage research and development will support clean energy delivery in emerging economies.

Collage showing images (left to right) of a lorry, a drone, a boat, and a car.

“The Role of Hydrogen and Batteries in Delivering Net Zero in the UK by 2050” analysed in new report

The Faraday Institution has published a report analysing how hydrogen and battery technologies are likely to be used in different sectors within the UK, including transportation, manufacturing, the built environment, and power sectors, to 2050.

Making a battery in the lab

Faraday Institution Refocuses Six Existing Battery Research Projects for Maximum Impact

Commits a further £29m to battery research in: extending battery life, battery modelling, recycling and reuse, safety, solid-state batteries and lithium-sulfur batteries

Battery pack

Battery Research Moves to Next Stage of Commercialisation

Faraday Institution research creates pathway to Innovate UK Round 5 development projects.

Screenshot of BPX website. Visit the website linked in the news release to read the full text.

Faraday Institution launches first physics-based battery modelling standard

Battery Parameter eXchange (BPX) standard – an initiative to provide a common language to enable accurate battery modelling and reduce costs and time-to-market for industry

Peter F Green and Deputy Laboratory Director, Science and Technology at NREL and Professor Pam Thomas, Faraday Institution shaking hands

The Faraday Institution and NREL sign MOU in support of US UK joint battery research

Initial focus to reduce reliance on critical materials and enable recycling of lithium-ion batteries

Map of the locations of the over 40 gigafactories that have been announced in Europe, listing their capacities in 2025 and 2030, the manufacturer, and whether the gigafactory is currently open, under construction or has been announced. Three gigafactories are listed for the UK, two for AESC-Envision and one for Britishvolt, all in northeast England. 13 are listed in Germany.

Faraday Institution publishes 2022 update to its study “UK Electric Vehicle and Battery Production Potential to 2040”

Growing optimism but redoubling of efforts needed to keep pace with investments across Europe.

Faraday Institution widens research scope to inform priorities for future research

The Faraday Institution has initiated 16 small, fast-paced, focused projects in areas not covered within its existing battery research portfolio, widening its research scope, and set of university partners.

North East LEP investment aims to grow region’s battery sector

NE LEP has awarded £90k to expand the work of a new partnership aimed at growing the North East’s battery sector.

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