Message from Professor Pam Thomas, CEO

An open letter from Professor, Pam Thomas, CEO, Faraday Institution to all members of our community:

I am writing to let you know that I am preparing to retire over next summer and will be stepping down from my position at the Faraday Institution at the end of April 2024. Leading this organisation has been an honour, and a highlight of the forty-plus years of my academic career. I take immense pride in the community we have cultivated. Our collective commitment to collaboration and dedication to research excellence remains a cornerstone of our success.

Today the Faraday Institution is well-positioned for future success. Over the past three years, we have bolstered our senior team and staff in the areas of programme management, early-stage commercialisation, education, and market analysis. We have reshaped our major programmes for maximum impact and expanded our industrial partnerships, solidifying the UK’s position as a prominent force in energy storage research and development. We have also established strategic relationships internationally, particularly in the US, and have extended our leadership and research efforts to develop batteries for emerging economies.

The Board of Trustees will initiate a comprehensive search to find the next leader of the Faraday Institution – a process in which members of the community will be invited to participate. The position holds great appeal in a field experiencing significant growth. I am confident that we will identify an exceptional individual who shares our vision and mission, who can drive the organisation towards important scientific breakthroughs in energy storage that will benefit the UK.

It will be “business as usual” to April 2024. Our primary focus remains on delivering impactful research addressing the challenges that currently impede the commercialisation of battery technology, and developing batteries suitable for diverse applications and sectors. Together with the team at FIHQ, I will finalise the restructuring of our major projects and craft a 5-year strategic plan to guide the organisation into the future. Beyond April 2024, I have agreed to serve as a senior advisor to the Faraday Institution, contributing where I can add the greatest value to the organisation.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation for your ongoing contributions to the Faraday Institution programmes and community. Should you have any questions regarding this announcement, please feel free to reach out to me or the team.

Professor Pam Thomas
CEO, The Faraday Institution
[email protected]

Posted on July 4, 2023