Faraday 2021 Conference by the Numbers

Many thanks to everyone who attended, presented at, and engaged with the Faraday 2021 conference, 16-18th November, and for the part you played in making the event the success that it was.

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We thank all of the 70+ speakers and chairs in our live Zoom sessions, particularly our keynote speakers, Baroness Brown (Member of the Committee for Climate Change, Chair of the Carbon Trust and the Henry Royce Institute), Professor Stanley Whittingham, (Nobel Prize winner and Director, Northeastern Center for Chemical Energy Storage) and Robert Llewellyn (Founder and Joint CEO, The Fully Charged Show).

Thank you to the 50 other researchers, 50 summer interns and 15 industry and entrepreneurial fellows who presented posters and flashtalks that are still available on the conference website. A particular thanks to our principal investigators, project leaders, project managers and researchers that prepared the terrific project videos.

We’d particularly like to thank the Conference Working Group representing Faraday Institution researchers and industry representatives who helped to shape the programme and select and invite speakers: Melanie Loveridge, Jacqueline Edge, James Robinson, Rob Armstrong, Dan Reed, Ann Huang, Dhammika Widanalage, Kit McColl, Si├ón Dutton, Thomas Bartlett, James Cookson and Valentina Gentili.

A huge thanks to all the researchers who played important roles behind the scenes, who participated in panels to select winning posters and presentations, and who gave feedback to early career researchers, or were part of the delivery team. Find out who played these roles.

“This year’s Faraday Institution Conference provided a wonderful display of current UK-wide collaborations. The conference highlighted projects like Multi-Scale Modelling, which brings together world-leading battery experts across several universities, combines their skillsets, and bridges the gap between science, engineering, and industry. It was encouraging to see much effort and support put into battery technology as well as the milestones already achieved. Just imagine the future to come!” Martin Rogall, Battery Research Engineer, Qdot

“Fantastic set of speakers, with lots of insights.”

“Well done to the team for an excellent and high-quality conference!”

“A lot of effort has been made to make this online conference as engaging and viable as possible, and it showed”

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Posted on December 2, 2021