2023 International Conference on Niobium Based Batteries


Join us at the Embassy of Brazil in London on December 6th for an international conference on advanced cathode active materials containing Niobium. The event will feature international experts who will discuss the latest progress on the application of Niobium in advanced cathode active materials, providing higher energy density, lower cost and longer service life, addressing major challenges faced by the industry. Our Energy Storage Analyst, John-Joseph Marie, will be providing an Overview of Technology Developments in Lithium-ion Battery Cathodes.

This one-day event will be an opportunity to network and learn more about how this technology is driving battery efficiency and sustainability. The event has been organised in partnership with the Embassy of Brazil in London and CBMM.

Technical sessions include:

  • The 2023 Charles Hatchett Award Lecture.
  • Worldwide Cathode Market Insights.
  • Towards High Energy Density Cathode Materials – featuring international experts from South Korea and China.
  • Recent Developments in Manganese Rich and Cobalt Free Cathode Materials – presentations from academic and industrial speakers from China, Japan and the Netherlands.

The event will be held at The Embassy of Brazil in London, UK and is free to attend.