Thermal modelling of a battery pack

Delivering “Industrial Strength” Physics-based Battery Modelling webinar

07/12/2022, 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Join a panel of battery experts as they discuss how a new open standard – the Battery Parameter eXchange (BPX) – could help to unleash the potential for industrial use of physics-based battery models by simplifying the process of creating and using models, thereby reducing costs and time to market and increasing product performance and quality.

Physics-based battery models describe the detailed structure and physical processes inside a battery as it charges and discharges. As such they have long held the promise of accurate modelling and simulation of lithium-ion batteries throughout their lifecycle. However, such models are complex to create and computationally intensive to simulate so industry has tended to use much simpler but much less accurate equivalent circuit models, which have to be reworked to handle different scenarios. Modern simulators, such as PyBaMM and DandeLiion developed as part of the Faraday Institution Multi-Scale Modelling project, can deliver high accuracy within acceptable run-times even for battery packs with hundreds of cells. But the challenge of creating physics-based models remains.

Now, building on the research carried out in the Multi-Scale Modelling project, the Faraday Institution is introducing an open standard for physics-based Li-ion battery models named Battery Parameter eXchange (BPX) that defines the battery parameters, the equations that use the parameters, and how the parameters may be derived from experimental measurements.

Watch the recording of the webinar held on 7th December 2-2.45 pm to find out how BPX and physics-based models could benefit your organisation.

Hear from:
• Dr Monica Marinescu, Imperial College London, and Co-investigator on the Faraday Institution Multi-scale Modelling project
• Rob Millar, Head of Electrical, WAE
• Pete Bishop, CTO, Gridserve Technologies
• Steven Farmer, Head of Technology and Product Development, AMTE Power

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