Online Faraday event. Developments in lithium-ion battery cathodes. 18 October 2.30 pm. John-Joseph Marie, Stephen Gifford, Faraday Institution. Alisyn Nedoma, FutureCat, University of Sheffield.

Briefing and Q&A on Insight 18 – Developments in Li-ion Battery Cathodes

18/10/2023, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Faraday Insight 18 outlines:

  • The benefits, challenges, likely research directions and production innovations of various battery cathode chemistries, with a focus on NMC and LFP
  • Key global trends in commercial use, offering two possible scenarios for the market uptake of new cathode technologies
  • The sensitivities of a variety of cathode chemistries to changes in raw material prices

On the 18th October 2023, over 100 attendees joined the author of the latest Faraday Insight ‘Developments in Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes’, John-Joseph Marie, for a briefing and Q&A session. Chaired by Faraday Institution’s Chief Economist, Stephen Gifford, with Alisyn Nedoma, Co-Project Leader of the Faraday Institution’s FutureCat project.

Commercial battery chemistries are rapidly evolving, driven by market demands, improved cathode materials and electrification of transport. Existing cathode chemistries such as lithium iron phosphate and lithium nickel manganese cobalt batteries continue to fulfil market requirements. However, with continued research and investment, next-generation lithium-ion batteries are likely to occupy a substantial segment of the battery market beyond 2030, bringing significant improvements in performance and/or cost.

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