A Canva card for an online event. Faraday event. Powering the skies: the rise of electric and low carbon aircraft. 1st of May 2024, at 2-3 pm. Stephen Gifford and Jonathan Leong from Faraday Institution. Ritvik Anand from ATI. Picture of electric aircraft VX4. Photo by Adam Gasson / Vertical Aerospace.

Faraday Insight 19 Webinar

01/05/2024, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Join the author of the latest Faraday Insight ‘Powering the Skies: The Rise of Electric and Low-carbon Aircraft’, Stephen Gifford, Chief Economist, Faraday Institution, for a briefing and Q&A session. With an introduction from Ritvik Anand, Senior Technologist: Whole Aircraft, Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) and battery insights from Jonathan Leong, Business Intelligence Manager, Faraday Institution.

The insight and webinar outline the increasing size of the global electric market and explores the different low carbon technologies that could become available for aviation, particularly hydrogen, batteries and sustainable aviation fuels. The performance characteristics of battery technology for aviation and proposed actions to develop and support the UK aerospace industry in the transition are also highlighted.

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