International Women’s Day in the Battery Industry

06/03/2024, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Organised by FastMarkets and Intercalation, join colleagues at the Royal Society of Chemistry in Piccadilly, London, UK for an inspiring event dedicated to women and intersectional diversity in the battery industry.

Taking place on Wednesday 6th March from 16:30-18:30, the event will kick off with a short panel discussion, and open up to a larger discussion around work culture and inclusion, allowing for a free flow conversation as the group wishes, moderated by the panel and hosts.

The second hour as a networking event to allow more intimate discussion. All are welcome!

There will be afternoon tea style snacks provided. The event will be catered entirely vegetarian and alcohol free.

Any issues please email Phoebe or Issy at [email protected] & [email protected]. Register here.