Faraday 2020 Conference Feedback

Many thanks to everyone who attended, presented at, and engaged with the Faraday 2020 conference, held 24-26th November, for the part you played in making the event the success that it was.

We’d particularly like to thank the Faraday 2020 Conference Working Group who helped to shape the programme and select and invite speakers. The group has representatives from each main Faraday Institution projects, the characterisation projects and from UKRI and industry. A big shout out to: David Hall, Jacqueline Edge, Simon Lambert, Colin Johnston, Denis Cumming, Samuel Coles, Alisyn Nedoma, Rob Armstrong, James Robinson, Siân Dutton, Anna Wise, James Cookson and Valentina Gentili.


YouTube playlists of talks from the conference

Our project Principal Investigators and other researchers outline the aims, objectives and some of the early successes of our 9 main projects and 3 battery characterisation projects

Check out a selection of flash talks from industry fellows, entrepreneurial fellows, and others, recorded for the conference demonstrating how researchers in the organisation are accelerating breakthroughs in scientific knowledge towards the commercialisation of new battery technologies

Comments from attendees:

"This has been a phenomenal event. You have provided a model for others on how to run a conference well, how to engage outsiders, and how to facilitate connections. I am so grateful to be able to join [as an FI partner] from the USA. If some time in the future I find myself at a UK institution, this event will be no small reason why.” Anonymous attendee.

“It’s the best online conference I’ve been to.” Paul Shearing, Principal Investigator, LiSTAR.

“A huge WELL DONE to all of you for putting on a spectacular event under difficult circumstances. I can see how much work it must have taken to get it to such a high degree of professionalism. I enjoyed it and thought it was all very well and smoothly run. Hopefully Nov 2021 will be in person, but at least we know it can be done this way, if necessary. And done really well.” Jacqueline Edge, Project Leader, Multi-scale Modelling Project.

“It was my favourite conference since COVID-19 hit. Great work all!” Jacqui Murray, Deputy Director, Faraday Battery Challenge.

“It was fun to speak today at the early career day of the Faraday Institution conference. Great to see all the interest, questions and all the excellent sessions!” Daniel Martin Yerga, Faraday Institution Research Fellow, Characterisation project (Liverpool).

“Thanks to you and the FI team for organising such an excellent conference. Wonderful!” Jerry Barker, Expert Panel Member, CTO, Faradion.

“A great event so far - so congratulations to you and the FI team…Face to face meetings are better for networking but in the current circumstances, this online system is great.” Charanjeet Singh, CPI.

“I thought you did a super job. Well done! I don't think there was any hitch which is amazing. It was very useful - well worth my getting up so early!” Richard Clark, Morgan Advanced Materials.

Join the conversation

Missed the conference? Want to access the recordings?

The Faraday Institution is in the process of repurposing the conference Slack platform for ongoing use:

  • as a source of news and noticeboard for opportunities from the Faraday Institution and members of the UK battery research community.
  • as a discussion platform for Faraday Institution researchers and its partner organisations.

The Slack workspace is open to members of the following groups:

  • Academics based at a UK university,
  • Anybody working in industry, government or policy in the UK battery space, and
  • Selected overseas industry and academic partners.

Apply here to join and access the conference materials today.

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