Highlighting #FaradayPathways from the Reshaped Research Projects

On the day that we announce the reshaping of six of our main projects, we congratulate Prof Mauro Pasta (University of Oxford) on taking the step up from being Project Leader to his appointment as Principal Investigator of the SOLBAT project.

We also congratulate Prof Louis Piper of WMG, University of Warwick on becoming co-Principal Investigator of the Degradation project, together with Professor Dame Clare Grey of the University of Cambridge.  

Mauro Pasta and Louis Piper


Three years ago. Chun (Ann) Huang, Alastair Hales and Ferran Brosa Planella were all involved with Faraday Institution projects as research fellows. Today, they have all rejoined Faraday projects as co-investigators via the competitive call process, after fairly recently securing academic positions. We spoke to all three to find out how their involvement in our community helped them take a step up to COI.  


Ferran Brosa Planella, University of Warwick

Ferran is an Assistant Professor at the Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, & Co-Founder at Ionworks. We talked to him about the rewards of sitting at the boundary of maths and engineering and the importance of researchers putting themselves in the right place at the right time to take their next career step … 

Read about Ferran’s career pathway

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Alastair Hales#FaradayPathways Alastair Hales, University of Bristol

Alastair made the move from Imperial College London to the University of Bristol recently to take his first academic position as Lecturer and build a research group. In a recent talk to Faraday Institution PhD researchers, he outlined the importance of thinking strategically when taking the step up from post doc positions – taking every opportunity to actively fill in gaps in experience and capabilities, particularly to demonstrate the ability to successfully bring in funding.  

Read Alastair’s career pathway.

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Ann Huang in the lab using a glovebox#FaradayPathways Ann Huang, Imperial College London

Read about Ann’s career pathway. 

Ann Huang is a Senior Lecturer in Energy Storage Materials in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London. Her career story highlights the power of a final year undergraduate degree project in setting a career direction and the importance of the support and encouragement of more senior researchers in establishing an academic career. 

Read Ann’s career pathway. 

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Get involved in the #FaradayPathways campaign – inspire the next generation of battery researchers by sharing your Faraday Pathway. 


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