Faraday Pathways to Career Success

We are delighted to launch the Faraday Pathways campaign. #FaradayPathways showcases the career success of talented individuals throughout our community and how Faraday Institution training programmes, interventions, collaborative ways of working and community building initiatives are helping to deliver future skills need 

The Faraday Institution is developing a dynamic and diverse pool of talent at all career levels equipping people for future careers in academia, industry or policy making via:  

  • Quality undergraduate internships 
  • Bespoke PhD training programme to enhance researchers’ skills, knowledge and aspirations 
  • Continuing professional development opportunities for early career scientists and engineers  
  • 6-month career coaching programmes for people from minority backgrounds 

But what does this commitment to talent development mean for individuals working in the vibrant and growing area of battery energy storage research?  

How has being part of the Faraday Institution catalysed individual’s career successes?  

What interventions have made all the difference to enable researchers to get a foot on the next rung on the career ladder? 

#FaradayPathways aims to demonstrate the value of being part of the Faraday Institution community through a series of compelling personal narratives. It will also flag possible career pathways to researchers who want to use their skills in the UK battery sector.  

Share your Faraday Pathway 

Do you have an interesting career journey you’d like to share with others?  

Looking for a way to inspire the next generation of talent in the UK energy storage sector? 

What pointers can you offer to people following a similar path to you? What would you have liked to known when you were just starting out? 

Are you a training champion who runs an initiative that is making a difference to researchers’ career prospects? 

Are you based in an industry organisation and benefit from the skills of former Faraday Institution researchers? 

Are you a proud supervisor who wants to celebrate the success of your PhD researcher as they land their next position? 

Take a look at the resources we have developed to help you tell these stories.

Let’s get a chorus of voices singing the praises of #FaradayPathways.


Resources and ideas to help you share your Faraday Pathway

Model posts

Take a look at these model posts:

Launch meeting materials
Resources and guidance for sharing your career journey on social media 
  • Illustrate your post using a photo of you in your workplace 
  • Or if you want to learn some new social media skills, create a social media card using the template we’ve created in Canva. Watch a short video on how to use the template and use it on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Use #FaradayPathways 
  • Tag @FaradayInst on Twitter and The Faraday Institution on LinkedIn 
  • Share on your personal, group or project LinkedIn or Twitter account 
  • Tag supervisors/mentors and others that have had a positive impact on your career 
  • If a course or resource was pivotal to you taking the next step, add a link.  
  • End with a call to action to encourage others in the community to share their own #FaradayPathways 
  • Online or offline, share your posts and encourage others to share their stories and help them create a social media post 
  • Questions? Contact sophia.constantinou@faraday.ac.uk 

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About the Author

Sophia Constantinou is a science communicator with a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh. She was a Faraday Institution undergraduate intern in 2020 and won an award for the infographics and podcast she created to explain lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

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