Our aim is to create an environment where all researchers can thrive as we know that combining the skills and talents of a dynamic and diverse community brings great strength:

We have an EDI working group, led by COO Susan Robertson, which comprises members from our research community from a wide range of backgrounds, institutions, projects and career stages. We encourage any member of our community to get in touch on items relating to EDI through that group.

The EDI working group sets out best practice guidance for the organisation in relation to recruitment, selection, representation, inclusivity, work culture, events and more.

We have developed a community code of conduct: standards of behaviour to which we all hold ourselves.

The Faraday Institution is a member of WISE, which campaigns for gender balance in science, technology and engineering.

Wherever possible, we make our programmes and opportunities as accessible as possible to those with caring responsibilities. For example, the recipients of Faraday Institution early career travel grants who have caring responsibilities may receive additional care costs incurred as a result of their travel.