Presentations from November 2019 conference and review meeting

Where we have permissions from the speakers to do so, we are uploading presentations given at the November 2019 conference via links on this page.

Introduction from Neil Morris, CEO

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Research Track

Cameron Hargreaves The minimal cost-flow atomic similarity distance for data driven solid state discovery
Dana Thompson Solvent systems for recycling lithium ion batteries
Howie N. Chu Characterising lithium-ion cell state with a streamlined electrochemical/thermal model parameterized by lock-in thermography
Zhenyu Zhang Electrochemical AFM study of SEI formation for graphite anodes
Jyoti Ahija The imperative for an effective EV battery management policy in the UK.
Amoghavarsha Mahadevegowda Probing the degradation mechanisms in cycled battery electrodes by transmission electron microscopy
Wesley Dose Origins of capacity fade and material degradation in Ni-rich NMC Li-ion batteries
Yundong Zhou In-situ Raman spectroscopic study of the solid electrolyte – electrode interface within all-solid-state batteries
Lucy Morgan Approximate bayesian computation of classical interatomic potentials
Mohamed Ahmeid Challenges in testing and sorting end of life electric vehicle batteries (24 kWh Nissan Leaf battery as an example)
Niamh Ryall Monitoring pressure changes in union cells
Jorge Varela Barreras Smart and hybrid balancing systems for lithium-ion batteries: towards an ultimate solution to the weakest link effect
Ying Zhao  Compliant and low-expansion composite electrode for a solid-state battery


Please could all remaining presenters email Louise Gould to confirm whether they approve the uploading of their presentation to this page. Thank you.

Posted on November 13, 2019