Thank you for contributing to the Faraday Institution 2021 conference success

The Annual Conference like this is a large undertaking, both in its planning and the time commitment given by the large number of attendees.

But we feel it is vital that we draw our community together to energise ourselves, to share results, to showcase project progress and impact, and to facilitate networking and collaboration.

I’d like to thank everybody for making the event so successful:

 The conference working group

…for their help to shape the conference programme and encourage participation amongst colleagues and project members

Jacqueline Edge, Imperial College London

Dan Reed, University of Birmingham

Ann Huang, King’s College London

Dhammika Widanalage, WMG

Kit McColl, University of Bath

Rob Armstrong, University of St Andrews

James Robinson, UCL

Melanie Loveridge, WMG

Siân Dutton, University of Cambridge

Thomas Bartlett, UKRI

James Cookson, Johnson Matthey

Val Gentili, JLR

…other researchers who selected talks from the expression of interest and built the terrific programme we have at the conference

Juyeon Park, NPL

Peter Baker, ISIS

Mauro Pasta, University of Oxford

Qiong Cai, University of Surrey

Magda Titirici, Imperial College London

Emma Kendrick, University of Birmingham

Dave Howey, University of Oxford

Monica Marinescu, Imperial College London

Helen Playford, ISIS

…researchers who participated in panels to select winning posters and early career researcher presentations

…and others who are providing feedback to early career researchers in their projects who are presenting talks or posters at the conference

Yige Sun

Thomas Heenan

Alexandra Morscher

Yash Tripathy

Jacqueline Edge

Rebecca Boston

Thomas Bartlett

Mohamed Ahmeid

Nuria Tapia Ruiz

Louis Piper

Matthew Dyer

Michael Hayward

John Griffin

Tijmen Euser

Peter Slater

Thomas Wood

Carol Crean

Rhodri Jervis

Ifan Stephens

Colin Johnston

Rachel Smith

Andrew Goodwin

Alex Rettie

Julia Weaving

Phoebe Allan

…all our speakers and chairs

We thank all of the 70+ speakers and chairs in our live Zoom sessions, the 50 researchers, 50 summer interns and 15 industry and entrepreneurial fellows who presented posters and flashtalks available on the conference website. All speakers.

…all our projects

We thank all our principal investigators, project leaders, project managers and researchers that prepared the terrific project videos – a total of 60 people were involved with this.

We ask a lot of our projects, particularly over the last month or so and please know we appreciate everything you have done to support this conference and the expert panel a couple of weeks ago.

Many thanks to the following members of our researcher community (and industry partners) who didn’t present on live Zoom sessions but did contribute to the project videos.

Josh Gibson
Katharina Marker
Meltiani Belekoukia
Peter Bugryniec
Yash Tripathy
Evangelos Kalamaras
Istvan Orokos Toth
Julia Weaving
Evelyn Wisniewska
Heather Au
Zhuangnan Li
Yong Lee
Nuria Garcia Araez
Richard Stocker
Paul Blackmore
Emmanuel Eweka
Daisy Thornton
Fazlil Coomar
Tom Tranter
Ivan Korotkin
Ferran Brosa Panella
Kieran O'Regan
Laura Lander
Yu Merla
Harry Hoster
Georgina Gregory
Sam Booth
Gareth Hinds
Richard Clark
Laura Weathcroft
Dan Reed
Abby Jervis
Chunghong Lei
Virginia Echavarri Bravo


Finally, a huge thank you to the technical delivery team:

Louise Gould and Sophia Constantinou of the Faraday Institution, Rob Flavin of CooperRepco and Macauley Hicks-Williams of Visair.


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