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Our mission is to make significant scientific breakthroughs in battery research in the global race to electrification.

This race needs young people, interested in science and engineering, with the drive to play a part in changing all our futures. Battery technology is a disruptive technology. Its development will need fresh perspectives - pioneering minds that aren’t constrained by the status quo - to see breakthroughs in research through to commercialisation.

Electrochemical storage research is a new frontier of science. New discoveries are being made and commercialised every year, offering exciting opportunities and a diverse range of career paths for researchers, right through their working lives; the race to electrification will be one of endurance, not a sprint.

Battery research will ask a lot of the individuals that pursue this path. It will need a passion for collaboration and a good dose of innovative thinking. But for those that have the necessary determination to make a difference in securing a cleaner, greener future, it could be incredibly rewarding career.

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