Calum Clenahan

Degradation | Particle technology

University of Sheffield

Supervisor(s): Rachel Smith

My initial research experience involved synthesis of MXenes, a family of layered materials, for use in photo-catalytic air purification systems. Following this I looked at the effects of freeze drying the MXenes on the particle/agglomerate morphology. MXenes have found applications in a range of fields including energy storage and water treatment. I am interested in the development of processes and materials for areas relating to sustainability. In particular, the areas of energy storage, air pollution and resource sustainability. I am keen to learn more about battery cathode material synthesis and methods for modelling these processes. The modelling framework will hopefully reduce the time and material cost of process optimisation. I hope this PhD will provide a strong starting point for a role in the sectors mentioned above, either academic or industrial, or a role in intellectual property/patent law.

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