Changing the Research Model

To help to achieve the UK’s ambitious Net Zero goals the Faraday Institution is fundamentally changing the model of how application-inspired research is carried out. We bring together academics—scientists and engineers from fields as wide-ranging as electrochemistry, physics, maths, computer science, biology, law and mechanical engineering—to collaborate with one another and our industrial partners. These actively managed, coordinated, multidisciplinary research teams work quickly and at scale. By drawing on the UK’s strong scientific research base, infrastructure and national facilities, we aim to make use of every resource available to the UK.

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#FaradayPathways to Career Success

These Faraday Pathways showcase the career success of talented individuals throughout our community and how Faraday Institution training programmes, interventions, collaborative ways of working and community building initiatives are helping to deliver future skills needed.

Our Values

Given that our aspirations are bold we are fostering a culture that values the behaviours that will help us achieve them.

We collaborate

We are pioneering

We make a difference

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We encourage our researchers to live these values in a way that is appropriate for each individual role.

We celebrate community successes and reward Faraday Institution researchers who demonstrate excellence and behaviours in line with our mission and values– and who go above and beyond what would normally be expected in doing so. Find out more about our community awards winners here.

Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to developing the Faraday Institution community as one that is dynamic and diverse, built on collaboration, respect for others, recognising achievement, and where members proactively offer a helping hand to colleagues and strive for equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Our aim is to create the environment where everyone feels valued, able to fully contribute and where everyone can thrive.

Benefits of Being a Faraday Institution Researcher

Our new model for conducting scientific discovery programmes feels different to our researchers, and we hope that working on our projects allows researchers to feel excited and intellectually challenged. We ask a lot of our researchers and we offer a lot in return.

Researchers are part of our vibrant community and have access to a huge pool of talented scientists and engineers with a broad and deep set of competencies across the UK who could help with problems their research might be facing. We give researchers every opportunity to network, build collaborations, develop professionally and advance their careers.

Newly launched initiatives, weekly Faraday Masterclasses and in-depth Faraday TECH training sessions offer the community high quality learning experiences from experts in the field.

Our Training and Diversity Panel advises the organisation on how best to achieve its ambitious aims of creating a dynamic, diverse, driven pool of talent to work in the battery technology sector of the future. Researchers are actively encouraged to embrace professional development opportunities and have an annual career development review to focus these goals. Each Faraday Institution Research Fellow has a personal training budget, a project training champion who can flag training courses and opportunities to advance their knowledge, accelerate their research, enhance their researcher identity, and in time, potentially increase their scientific standing.

In doing so our aim is to develop a community of future leaders for battery research and build a foundation for success for individuals’ careers, be it in academia, industry, policy development, or beyond.

Find out more about our PhD training programme and support for early career scientists.

Meet the Faraday 500!

These researcher spotlights highlight the work of some of our 500 researchers, the range of journeys into battery science, and the multi-dimensional diversity in our community

Other Opportunities

A wide range of other opportunities are open to our research community, from early career travel grants, to industry fellowships and entrepreneurial fellowships.

All opportunities…

Contact with our Community

We seek every opportunities to interact with our researchers. We encourage researchers to make contact with us directly if they have ideas of improvements that could be implemented across all projects that could help us reach our goals.