This page gives Faraday Institution researchers access to information and resources specific to their engagement with the organisation and its projects. It includes templates and resources that assist in making materials generated by its community digitally accessible to all.

Brand Guidelines


Faraday Masterclass -–Digital Accessibility

Faraday Masterclass Recordings


Poster templates

Guidance documents to assist digital accessibility

Faraday Institution Community Guide

Career Development Plans

Code of Conduct

Zoom Backgrounds

Publishing of Papers

Publishing of papers on research funded by the Faraday Institution

Faraday TECH Courses

Links to the Faraday TECH courses held in 2020 on Advanced STEM, NMR, IP, EDI, XPS, and modelling tools Dandellion and PyBaMM, and TEM sample preparation. This page is password protected, which members of our Slack community can find here.

Cell Modelling Workbook

The FI has developed the Cell Analysis and Modelling System (CAMS) – a cell modelling workbook capable of modelling the energy density of different cell chemistries and cell designs. The workbook can be accessed here.


Any researchers have questions about the use of these resources should contact Louise Gould, Head of Communications.