Sylwia Walus – Research Project Manager

A warm welcome to Sylwia Walus on her appointment to the role of Research Project Manager.

Sylwia Walus joined the Faraday Institution as Research Project Manager in June 2021. She works closely with the Head of Program Management and is responsible for managing the portfolio of the main Faraday Institution research projects as well as supporting the team with her scientific background in battery technologies.

In the past she has been involved in various next-generation battery projects, both commercially and government funded. In particular, lithium-sulfur technology is her field of expertise, in which she has been very active for almost 9 years.

Prior to joining the Faraday Institution, Sylwia spent over 5 years with OXIS Energy, working on science and engineering of Li-S technology as a Senior Scientist and further as a Product Manager. She has also spent 1 year with Jaguar Land Rover as a Project Engineer, sharing her responsibilities between the research team on establishing a solid-state batteries project and advanced engineering on evaluation of commercial Li-ion cells.

Before moving to the UK, Sylwia obtained her PhD in Li-S batteries at CEA and Université Grenoble Alpes in France. She obtained her MSc degree through a European programme, part of the Alistore-ERI consortium, dedicated to Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (MESC), during which she was a student in various European universities: Marseille, Cordoba, Uppsala and Warsaw. She obtained her BSc degree in Chemical Technology at Warsaw University of Technology in Poland, where she is originally from.

Posted on August 4, 2021 in Blog

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Sophia Constantinou is starting her career in science communications. She was a Faraday Institution undergraduate intern in 2020 and won an award for the infographics and podcasts she created to explain lithium-ion battery manufacturing.


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