About The Faraday Institution

The Faraday Institution is powering one of the most exciting technological developments of the 21st century — Britain’s battery revolution. As the world competes to define the future of energy and automation, the Faraday Institution is accelerating commercially relevant research needed for future battery development to power the transport and energy revolution for the UK.



Our Approach

The organisation was established in September 2017 as the UK’s independent institute for electrochemical energy storage research, skills development, market analysis, and early-stage commercialisation. It brings together research scientists and industry partners on projects with commercial potential that will reduce battery cost, weight, and volume; improve performance and reliability, and develop whole-life strategies including recycling and reuse.

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The Faraday Institution is the UK’s flagship battery research programme. It designs and manages focused, substantial and impactful research projects in areas of fundamental science and engineering that have commercial relevance and potential. Its research programme is defined by industry need and delivered by a consortia of 27 UK universities and 50 businesses - including 500 researchers. Technical targets include reducing battery cost, weight, and volume; improving performance and reliability; and developing whole-life strategies including recycling and reuse.

As an independent organisation, the Faraday Institution regularly publishes evidence-based assessments of the market, economics, commercial potential and capabilities for energy storage technologies and the transition to a fully electric UK.

Through a range of training programmes for undergraduate, PhD and early-career researchers, the organisation develops the next generation of battery scientists and engineers.

The Faraday Institution is a key delivery partner of the Faraday Battery Challenge and is primarily funded through EPSRC-UKRI.

Our Values

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We actively collaborate to achieve shared and focused objectives.

We build connections; within and between project teams, and externally with industry, government, and other influencers. We foster a sense of belonging. We work together to develop a diverse pool of talent.


We are pioneering, visionary and resilient.

To make game-changing breakthroughs our aspirations are bold. We challenge conventional thinking. We strive to work in new and smarter ways. Our operating model is progressive and agile, and we adapt quickly to research results.


We are driven to leave a legacy.

Our research is cutting-edge and mission-driven. We are energetic, tenacious and creative in the way we make discoveries that turn research into reality. We feel a strong sense of urgency to improve the world's economic and environmental future.


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