The Faraday Battery Challenge at UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is delivered by Innovate UK.

Its aim is to build a high-tech, high-value, high-skill battery industry in the UK. The £610 million challenge has built globally competitive, scientific capability at scale. Harnessing the UK’s best talent to solve the challenges of battery technology. It combines:

  • Research and capability development at the Faraday Institution.
  • Collaborative business-led innovation, development of the wider ecosystem and skills needed to manufacture through Innovate UK. 149 organisations have been supported through the CR&D programme with over £500m forecasted in co-investment.
  • Manufacturing scale-up and skills development at the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC). Opened in July 2021, UKBIC has supported over 140 UK battery developers working on more than 80 research and innovation projects.

The UKRI Faraday Battery Challenge. 3 pillars are Discover: Faraday Institution, Develop Innovate UK and Deploy: The UK Battery industrialisation Centre. Cross cut themes include (1) continous research intro battery requirements and technology trends (2) equality diversity and inclusion and skills programmes (3) building ecosystem in partnership with Innovate UK KTN

Assembling a module from individual cylindrical cells, by hand in a research environment

Faraday Institution Research Feeds the Innovation Pipeline

Research from the Faraday Institution community is creating a strong pathway to Innovate UK collaborative R&D projects as part of the Faraday Battery Challenge.

Many of the Innovate UK projects chosen (in what are highly competitive processes) leverage the knowledge, capabilities and know-how developed by the Faraday Institution research community. This demonstrates the success of the Faraday Institution in identifying and pursing battery science and engineering ripe for commercialisation, in many different fields from recycling to battery modelling, next generation cathode materials to chemistries beyond lithium-ion.

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