Battery Day

Want a pioneering career focusing on creating a sustainable future? Already working in the battery sector?

Battery Day will next be celebrated on Monday 19th February 2024.

How can you get involved?

Online event

Each year the Faraday Student Committee leads an online webinar to inspire undergraduate students about battery careers.

Register for the 2024 event

Battery Day 2023 webinar recording

University and industry events

We are asking battery researchers at UK universities and companies to plan and host other event(s) on Battery Day:

  1. Contribute to the planning of an event at your university or organisation. Event pack with ideas and resources.
  2. Share information on social media and tag us:
    • @FaradayInst on X
    • The Faraday Institution on LinkedIn
    • Use #FaradayBatteryDay in posts


  • Information pack
  • Social media card for online event (Alt text to use on social media: Online event. Faraday Careers Event. Battery Day 2023. 19th February 2023, 12-1pm. Learn about exciting battery careers as we seek to go fully electric. #FaradayBatteryDay)
  • Social media card for all events (Alt text: Battery Day. Want a career focused on creating a sustainable future? Learn about exciting battery careers as we seek to go fully electric! #FaradayBatteryDay)

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