Can you imagine a world without batteries? Ever wondered how a battery works or what it is made of? Want your mobile phone battery to last longer?

To answer your questions and learn more, join us at a future event.

“The most important thing is to never stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein

Introducing the Faraday Institution “Fully Charged Battery Box”

Are you a researcher that wants to spread the word about STEM careers? Are you a business looking for CSR opportunities? A parent wanting to get quality science resources into schools? Find out how to get hold of this quality resource designed to enable researchers and teachers to share ideas relating to battery research in a relatable way for 7- to 11-year olds. Packed full of hands-on activities ...
Read more about the Faraday Institution“Fully Charged Battery Box”


Other Educational Resources

Crunchie bars help the understanding of battery recycling!

With most young people now being home educated, teachers and parents are looking for exciting ways to teach in the home. Beatrice Browning and Rosie Madge, Faraday Institution Cluster PhD researchers from the University of Birmingham, who work on the ReLiB project, have devised an engaging, practical way of demonstrating current methods used for the recycling of lithium ion batteries with the aid of a Crunchie bar!

The Crunchie Bar Batteries resource sheet can be downloaded here. Please share this widely.

Did you know?

That in 2016 1,013 lemons were used to make the highest voltage fruit battery, setting a Guinness World Record? This was led by a Faraday Institution researcher (and 2016 Royal Institution Christmas Lecturer), Prof. Saiful Islam. Take a look (at around 10 minutes)!

Past STEM Outreach Events

The Big Bang Fair

The Big Bang Fair is the largest celebration of STEM for young people in the UK. It was attended by 80,000 visitors in March 2019! The Faraday Institution team creatively inspired visitors about battery technology. Making lemon batteries to illustrate this was extremely popular. If you would like to try this click here for details. Our PhD Researchers were featured in a session in Big Bang Digital in 2021.

The amazement we witnessed makes me feel confident that we have sparked a curiosity around battery technology.” (Jacob Dean, PhD researcher)

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School Outreach

As part of their training as STEM Ambassadors, Faraday Institution PhD students visit schools to tell their battery story.

“It was nice to get involved in STEM and inspire younger people to take a career path in science.” (PhD student)

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Our Commitment to STEM Outreach

The challenges we face in energy storage today will be taken up by the scientists and engineers of tomorrow. Outreach to diverse communities is an integral part of what we do as an organisation. Our aim is to inspire young people to consider careers in research, pursue opportunities, and make an impact on the world we live in.


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