FT Live. Future of the car. Convene, London. 9-10 May 2023 #FTCar.

FT Future of the Car Summit

09/05/2023 - 11/05/2023

The FT Future of the Car summit is a three day strategy-focussed conference for anyone leading at the juncture of traditional automotive industry practice and technology-driven disruption. It is the only automotive summit to attract the most visionary CEOs and thinkers for an objective analysis of the industry’s toughest challenges

The agenda will focus on the next general software-defined car, batteries: innovating to bring the price down, tackling the automotive supply-chain crisis, mobility in the meta-verse and answer what’s next for autonomous vehicles and the Net Zero Car.

Join Faraday Institution CEO, Professor Pam Thomas, as she speaks on the panel “Reimagining the next generation of battery technology” taking place on Wednesday 10th May from 14:20-15:00 (BST). Pam and her fellow panellists will be discussing:

  • What technology should OEMs and EV battery manufacturers invest in to respond to material shortages?

  • Is Sodium-ion battery technology the future?

  • What options are there for non-solid and solid state batteries? Which is safer and what obstacles are preventing wide adoption?

  • How should battery makers be working with next-generation charging technologies to assess the perfect components?

Taking place both in-person in London and virtually, visit the FT event website for more information and to register.