Faraday Institution Community Awards 2024

An important contributor of future Faraday Institution successes will be in the continued building of a collaborative, supportive yet challenging research culture. As part of this ongoing process, we’re pleased to launch nominations for this year’s Faraday Institution Community Awards. We look forward to the awards being a powerful platform for celebrating community successes, and a way of rewarding individuals and teams that demonstrate excellence and behaviours encouraged by the Faraday Institution mission and values and in line with its EDI Charter

The Award Categories

  • Innovation award
  • Collaboration award
  • Public engagement / STEM outreach award
  • Researcher development champion

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Who do you value in our community? Whose contribution should be recognised? What successes should we celebrate?

Nominate someone today. Click for link to nominate.




Nominations close 5 pm, 7 June 2024.

Making a Strong Nomination

When making a nomination, to help with the objectivity of the panel review and selection process please submit as much supporting evidence as possible to strengthen submissions. This could come in the form of links to external reports, articles, external recognition or papers, or substantiating statement(s) from one or more other researchers. If external links are not available, non-confidential report(s) can be uploaded as part of the submission process. For example, we encourage the following types of information to be shared:

  • Agendas, presentations or recordings of training or outreach sessions
  • Anonymised feedback or quotes from session participants
  • Details of numbers of people impacted and how
  • Numbers of people and research institutes involved in research collaborations over a given period
  • Please name all individuals you would like to be recognised e.g., in the collaboration award.


  • Any member of the community working on Faraday Institution programmes at any point since June 2023 are eligible for nomination in any category. This includes PhD researchers, post-docs, industry fellows, entrepreneurial fellows, project manager and admin staff, COIs, PLs and PIs – including those directly funded by the Faraday Institution and those affiliated with a project.
  • FUSE interns are excluded from nominations and nominating.
  • Nominations can be by any member of the Faraday Institution community (excluding FIHQ staff), or those we work with (e.g., industry partners).
  • To encourage the nomination of researchers that perhaps have not previously had the recognition they deserve, we encourage people to nominate/write submissions for themselves. With such submissions we ask that they request another researcher to act as their nominator/sponsor when submitting.
  • FIHQ staff may not nominate individuals or be nominated for awards.
  • Nominations should be for activities since June 2023 (when the last set of nominations closed).
  • Past winners (or those highly commended) will not be considered for the same category in a subsequent year.

The Faraday Institution is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community. We encourage nominations from individuals representing all sections of the community, particularly those typically under-represented in STEM careers, that recognise exceptional contributions of all sections of our community, particularly early career researchers.

Selecting and Announcing Winners

A diverse panel drawn from members of the Faraday Institution researcher community at all career stages, and a representative from FIHQ and the Faraday Battery Challenge will rank submissions and recommend winners. The chair of the panel will confer with the FIHQ CEO to confirm winners.

Winners will be announced at the Faraday Institution Conference in Newcastle in September 2024.

Winners will receive a physical award and individual winners will receive £500 (with the expectation this is used to further their research or professional development – for example, by attending conferences or training courses). The accomplishments of winners will be celebrated in a subsequent communications campaign, which may include written case studies and video spotlights of some of the winners.

Check out the accomplishments of the first round of Faraday Institution Community Awards winners (videos, blog post)

Link to nomination system.

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