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The Faraday Institution supports an Industry Fellowship programme to foster relationships between industry and academic researchers.

This innovative new programme is strengthening ties between industry and academic battery researchers in the UK with the aim of establishing or enhancing collaborative research with the potential for near- and longer-term benefit to the UK battery industry.

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Faraday Institution Industry Fellowships are enabling academics (whether working on Faraday Institution research projects or not) and industrialists to undertake a mutually beneficial and collaborative energy storage research project. University researchers or members of UK industrial organisations are invited to apply for fellowships to advance a defined research project with commercial potential or which solves a critical industrial problem in an area that falls within the Faraday Institution’s remit of electrochemical energy storage research.

It is intended that the fellowship will enable a university researcher to work on a collaborative project in an industry setting, or a scientist employed in industry to work on a project within a university department. The personal and corporate links established by the fellow are likely to seed longer-term collaborations between the two sectors in the UK as well as contributing to the fellow’s career development.

The Faraday Institution’s mission is to accelerate breakthroughs in energy storage technologies to benefit the UK in the global race to electrification. It does so by researching improvements to battery performance and reliability, building capabilities of academic researchers, so creating economic value for the UK. The Industry Fellowships is its latest initiative to forge links between industry and academia. Other programmes include Entrepreneurial Fellowships and Industry Sprints.


The award duration can be three months to one year, (or pro rata, i.e. it could be held at 50% part-time for up to 24 months, enabling fellows to maintain links with their employing institution). It covers the salary costs for a researcher.

The Faraday Institution invites:

  • Joint applications – where a university researcher or group and an industrial partner have agreed to work on a defined problem – are accepted twice per year for internal review.
  • Single applications – where an industrial research group is in search of an academic partner OR vice versa – are accepted on a rolling basis. If selected, the Faraday Institution will assist in finding the right industrial or academic match.

Joint applications should be submitted before the 1st of April and the 1st of October each year. For the proposals submitted by 1st October 2022 there may be some delays in successful application announcement/start dates as we confirm the shape of the overall research programme post April 2023.

Single applications can be made at any point during the year and will be reviewed for suitability. Where the single application is deemed suitable the Faraday Institution will work with the applicant to find a suitable partner. Award decisions will be made by a panel consisting of members of the Faraday Institution and independent reviewers.

Applicants must have been resident in the UK for at least 3 years, have a right to remain in the UK, hold a PhD (or be of equivalent standing in their profession) and hold a permanent post in either a UK university or UK-based company.

Application form. Application guidelines. T&Cs. Please contact Sylwia Walus with any queries.

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