Faraday Institution Conference 2023 Poster Winners


Left to right: Poster winners Arthur Fordham and Rebecca Huang, poster judge Rowena Brugge from Nyobolt, poster winners Stephen Price and Sarah McKinney

Left to right: Poster winners Arthur Fordham and Rebecca Huang, poster judge Rowena Brugge from Nyobolt, poster winners Stephen Price and Sarah McKinney

The Faraday Institution 2023 Conference on the 11th-13th September 2023 brought together over 500 delegates with 150 organisations represented. One of the highlights of the event was the poster sessions and we are delighted to share the winners of the poster prizes.

We thank the judges for their time and insight:

  • Alex Kersting, University of Cambridge
  • Dan Reed, University of Birmingham
  • Scott Gorman, CPI
  • Ferran Brosa Planella, University of Warwick
  • Phoebe Allan, University of Birmingham
  • Isaac Capone, JLR
  • Rowena Brugge and Anna Wise, from sponsors Nyobolt
  • James Gaade, FIHQ

The Winners and Judges Comments:

Research Progress and Findings - Dr Stephen Price, Finden

Poster title: “Probing the hierarchical structure of secondary LiNO2 cathode particles with nano-focussed XRD-CT”

This poster demonstrated strong collaborative research across academia, central facilities and industry with clear articulation of methods and results.

Scientific Content  - Sarah McKinney, PhD Researcher, Lancaster University

Poster title: “How do variations in calcination temperature and other synthetic parameters lead to different electrochemical performance in the disordered rocksalt (DRX) material Li1.2Ni0.2Ti0.6O2?”

The flow and structure of this poster was excellent. There was a good scientific explanation of the background with strong science through each step. It was good to see a clear explanation for observed differences in the performance of cathode materials.

Industrial Context - Arthur Fordham, PhD Researcher, UCL

Poster title: “Listening to Batteries: Using acoustic characterisation techniques to improve battery performance and safety”

The research motivation was clearly articulated and the research was aiming to solve a key safety challenge being experienced across the industry, with a potentially low-cost solution identified.

Communication and Engagement - Rebecca Huang, PhD Researcher, University of Sheffield

Poster title: “Tuning the phase fraction of multiphase Na0.9Fe0.5Mn0.5O2 cathode by biotemplating for Na-ion batteries”

A graphically engaging poster with creative construction. There was a good use of a battery icon to explain the process flow and QR codes for references.


Congratulations to our winners, and to everyone that presented a poster, or contributed to a vibrant discussion at the event.

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